Exterior = Superior!

Exterior Excavation is superior to interior sump pumps when it comes to doing the job right.
Our superior method of prevention is critical when properly waterproofing your foundation.
The Exterior Excavation Method that AG Waterproofing uses puts an end to your problems - permanently! This superior method of waterproofing is guaranteed and requires little or no maintenance, and NO yearly fee. It prevents water from entering your basement to begin with, and directs the flow of water around your foundation and toward the storm sewer system in the street (city) or outlet line (rural). Exterior excavation relies on the natural, downhill flow of water and is not susceptible to the shortcomings of inferior interior methods.

Interior = Inferior

Other companies advertise interior methods of water "control" that at first seem to be quick, easy, and cheap solutions. But instead, these methods actually allow water to continue to enter your basement.
In addition, these methods do NOTHING to eliminate the actual structural damage that can be caused by the constant pressure (from soil and roots) on your foundation walls and basement floor. These interior methods often require routine maintenance in order to ensure they will operate when needed (e.g. replacing a sump pump). In short, they are NOT efficient and DO NOT solve your problems, but instead, mask them.

Interior methods cannot direct water to the sump pump unless the water enters the house first. This requires the water to travel through 6 to 8 feet of clay soil and then penetrate a solid concrete/block wall and a solid concrete footer. What actually happens is that only a very small percentage of water gets to the sump pump.

Furthermore, these so called interior "solutions" are often mechanical and are powered by electricity, thus, they are vulnerable to breaking down and to power outages that occur during rainstorms - just when you need them most. Over time, these methods turn out to be much more expensive than the initial costs quoted. They often include a yearly maintenance fee just to keep the guarantee from expiring.