Basement Water Problems?

There's only one method that permanently solves your water problems - Exterior Excavation!

We at AG Waterproofing, Inc. are experts at solving your leaky basement problems. These problems are caused primarily by poorly constructed house foundations, or simply by foundations that have become old and are weathered, causing rain water to flow into your house instead of into your drainage and sewer system. Hence, there is structural damage to the foundation, home value decreases, basements become wet, possessions are ruined, and money and time are spent cleaning the mess.

Ask the Experts

AG Waterproofing, Inc. is an expert at solving your foundation, sewer, and drainage problems! These problems result in decreased home values, ruined possessions, and time and money spent cleaning a mess every time it rains. They are caused by a variety of reasons, most of which are:

  • Poorly constructed foundations
  • Foundations and/or footers that have settled or shifted
  • Improperly backfilled foundations (often using a high clay - content soil instead of stone)
  • Tree and shrub roots that have penetrated sanitary and/or storm sewer systems thus impeding
    the flow of water
  • Broken, cracked or crushed sewer lines
  • Extreme climate conditions creating problems due to the freeze-thaw damage to your foundation